ALG, high-performance with a cutting-edge design

At the past Veteco trade fair, ALUGOM GROUP presented its new family of casement windows called ALG.

This new family of windows, which will gradually replace the STILO systems, is characterised by advanced technical properties of thermal and acoustic insulation as well as resistance to wind and water.

Developed with thermal breaks, ALG systems allow all types of openings with different measurements of leaf and frame depths, ensuring exceptional technical and construction characteristics.

By combing polyamides and profiles, we can manufacture three different types of enclosures, depending on the leaf and frame depths desired.

The alg 75 Máxima series consists of a 75 mm frame and an 82 mm leaf.

The alg 65 Optima series consists of a 65 mm frame and a 72 mm leaf.

The alg 55 Máxima series consists of a 55 mm frame and a 62 mm leaf.


The ALG range can be build without interior insulating profiles. When these insulating products are used inside the profile chambers, the thermal and acoustic behaviour is substantially raised. When these insulating objects are used, we call the series “HQ“(High Quality), since its technical characteristics are very superior to those which do not have this thermo-product.

alg 75 Máxima
Transmitancia thermal (UH) hasta 0.8 W/Km2K.

alg 65 Optima
Transmitancia thermal (UH) hasta 0.9 W/Km2K.

alg 55 Estándar
Transmitancia thermal (UH) hasta 1.0 W/Km2K.


With the new ALG system, saving on heating is guaranteed.

These carpentry systems have greater energy efficiency than many PVC or wooden windows, satisfying the most demanding requirements in thermal insulation. And all this without sacrificing aluminium’s advantages of resistance, durability, elegance and design possibilities.

These systems are compatible with hidden fittings and with ALUGOM GROUP’s new cremone bolts, which — together with its impeccable design — allows it to adjust perfectly to most cutting-edge buildings.

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