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Facing major challenges

ALUGOM is recognised as one of the leading firms in Europe when it comes to the design and manufacture of carpentry alu-systems, PVC and other architectural solutions, like curtain walls, ventilated facades and one-of-a-kind cladding.

Its story starts back in the early 1960s with a one-man aluminium carpentry shop. This shop evolves by adding industrial and commercial processes to its business and becomes what is today: a structure that fits perfectly into the most updated vision of architectural and construction development and aimed at enhancing the work of all those participating in it.

Currently, the company has an extensive sales network implemented across the country and does business in Europe and the Americas: it’s in constant contact with a technical team trained in a variety of disciplines that analyses the real needs demanded by the market and develops products with correct and definitive solutions for these needs.

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Design, Manufacture, Handling and Marketing

Beside technical excellence and cutting-edge design, ALUGOM provides its products with great reliability in creation of its of their components, in particular regarding those manufactured of aluminium, thanks to the integration of AV ALUMITRAN, S.L. into the group, a leading company in extrusion with an 80,000+ m2 production and logistics centre where the work related to aluminium extrusion and surface treatment processes using painting and anodising processes and various wood decorating techniques, thermal break using polyamide or resin, cutting, machining and manufacturing of one-of-a-kind products is done.

By integrating all phases of the process — from the initial design to handoff to the client and after-sales technical advice — the Group is able to ensure the quality standards demanded by the market in each of the activities making up its value chain, guaranteeing the traceability required by the quality certificates.

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Pioneers in collaboration with architectural and construction industry professionals

ALUGOM pioneered participation in the country’s main industry trade fair — VETECO — and is now a leader at both national and international trade fairs. Moreover, it has become an indispensable collaborator with prescribers, technicians and other professionals linked to the most important architectural and construction development.






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