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eficiencia energetica y sostenibilidad

Because living no longer means developing oneself within a world limited by walls, every architectural decision must also consider its environmental impact. Choosing a sustainable enclosure that rationalises energy consumption – reducing the need for heating or cooling – by using an infinitely recyclable material such as aluminium, confirms the specific commitment to the planet.

ALUGOM has perfected its range of carpentry alu-systems in order to offer the exact window that – for each type of building and in each location inside it – will make it possible to reconcile environmental responsibility with the comfort desired.

ALUGOM’s most important offering is the ALG 75 MAXIMA PASSIVE HOUSE series, especially indicated for the so-called passive houses (PASSIVHAUS), the flagship of buildings with the highest levels of energy efficiency. This carpentry has been certified for the warm-temperate category (Uw ≤ 1.0 W/m²K) by the German Passive House Institute, making it the most appropriate solution for buildings in which the intended goal is to achieve sustainable architecture with the least energy consumption.

argumentos grupo alugom sistemas carpintería confort

We look for well-being and comfort at home, at the office, in shopping spaces and in any other building where part of our life takes place.

Making the right choice of a window, a door or any other enclosure element has a direct impact on the comfort you want to feel. Preventing unwanted temperature fluctuation, currents of air, condensation on glass and outside noise is a decision at your fingertips if you know what enclosure you need, because they don’t all manage to prevent these negative effects.

You need products that adjust to your habits, not the other way around. This is why ALUGOM offers a broad catalogue featuring a number of aluminium casement and sliding elements tested and evaluated by official bodies. This way, you can define the degree of comfort you wish to enjoy from the moment you plan your renovation or new construction.

diseño a la vanguardia de la tecnica

ALUGOM designs its enclosures by combining the best features technique allows with the design sought by the new customers – better educated and informed – who understand that a room’s appearance has a direct impact on its enjoyment.

Straight, clean, pure designs that make it possible to connect the rooms with the outside, but without giving up maximum comfort. Aluminium increases – while at the same time concealing – its strength, making it possible to visually expand the opening to facilitate dialogue between the inside and the outside, highlighting both.

The windows cease to be an architectural element that should be imperceptible and become a fully enjoyable focus of attention.