Added Value and Additional Services

Alugom Group offers aluminium joiners additional specialised assistance that allows them to address technical challenges that they alone could not meet, whether due to their technical complexity or to the investment required. We collaborate this way so that these joiners can undertake more modern and daring projects; we also guarantee that the products have the certified quality that is Alugom Group’s hallmark of identity.

This specialisation is handled throughour own workshop ML ALUGOM PROYECTOS, S.L. — which is prepared to offer the following services:


This service designs and manufactures the curves of the different profiles, finished windows, portholes, etc., thereby making up for many clients’ inability to develop such complex products.


This carpentry is special and exclusive, and based on high quality parameters and comprising aluminium on the interior face and wood on the exterior. Complementary materials joined by elements that allow for separate expansions for each one.